The Home of the Evolution of Fitness and How it has Transformed us in Becoming Better Athletes.

Established in 2015, Primitive Athletics Strength & Conditioning was founded under the idea that knowledge is power and an awesome community is a key ingredient to a better version of you. We wanted to provide a new way to help each and every person become more educated in how to live a better lifestyle, move more efficiently and establish a well-grounded relationship with their professional coach.

We believe that the evolution of fitness has gone through many changes these past generations. Beginning with the Olympics in Athens, to the rise of popular competitions such as the FIFA World Cup, NFL Super Bowl, and the NBA Finals, to the modern types of training such as functional fitness, crosstraining, boot camps and body building. There is a great demand for knowledge, training, and practice in becoming a better athlete or healthier version of you. Here, at Primitive Athletics, we strive in aiding our cliental become physically and mentally stronger through rigorous new programs and training methods that suit every one’s lifestyle while becoming part of a supportive healthy community