Workout of the Day 9.20.17

Warm-Up 3x 300m Run 10m Plank Lateral Crawls 20m Reverse Quadruped Crawl Strength A. Push Press (Tempo 21×2) 5, 4, 3, 2, 5 *Build on last weeks weights if you kept track or start at 70-75% of 1rm strict press and build.  B. Half Kneeling Bottom Up KB Press 3×6/arm B2. Wide Grip Strict Pull […]

Workout of the Day 9.19.17

Warm-Up 4x 15 Cal Row 12 Jump Squats 20sec Superman Hold Strength A. 1 1/4 Front Squat 4×3 *2min rest between sets. Build from previous weeks weights or start at 65-70% 1rm Front Sq.  B. Deficit DB Reverse Lunges (4″ Deficit”) (AHAP) 3×4/leg *90sec rest between sets Metcon 3x 200m Run 7 Single Arm KB […]

Workout of the Day. 9.18.17

Warm-Up 3x 20m Broad Jumps 30sec Side Star Plank/Side 8 Half Kneeling DB Arnold Press Strength A1. Muscle Clean 4×3 -rest 90 sec- A2. Pause Push Jerk 4×3 2 sec pause in dip + 2 sec pause in catch -rest 90 sec- Metcon 15-12-9-6-3 Double Overhand Grip Deadlift  #185/125 Ring Dips