Workout of the Day 1.23.18

Warm Up 3x 10 Handstand  Scapular Push Ups 10m Death March (Light) 30sec Static Banded Glute Bridge Strength A. Clean Grip Deadlift (TnG) Every 3mins x8 for 12 Minutes *Start at a moderate weight and stay at a moderate weight. Only make the last set of 8 tough. We are going to build in weight […]

Workout of the Day 1.22.18

Warm Up 3x 15sec Wall Facing Handstand Hold 15sec Sing Arm Active Hang/Arm 10 PVC Pass Throughs 30 Mountain Climbers Strength A. Behind the Neck Push Press (Tempo 32×2) 4×5 B. Single Arm Banded DB Press 3×8/Arm B2. Goblet Box Pistol 3×8/Leg *Start at a moderate weight and build in weight so as long as […]

Workout of the Day 1.19.18

Warm Up 3x 5 Burpee Broad Jumps 5 Single Arm Upright Row to External Rotation/Arm 5 Single Leg Box Jump/Leg Strength A. 10min EMOM Odd: 3 Front Squat Even: Muscle CLean + 2 Hang Power Cleans B. Deficit Snatch Deadlift (2″ Deficit) 3×5 (tempo 3131) *For your 10min EMOM build in weight after every completed […]