Workout of the Day 03.30.16

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6×3 Speed Back Squat  (3x1x1)*

starting at 65% and increase based off feel 

-2 min rest btwn sets-

*3x1x1 represents the timing. 3 sec descent , 1 sec explosive drive from the bottom, 1 sec reset. Your objective is to remain at a weight that you can quickly drive up from the bottom of the lift while maintaining proper mechanics and form. 


3x for time 

400 m run 

10 P. Snatches   115/75#

15 T2B

-15 min cap-

P.S. – can you spot the photobomber in the picture!!!  He’s everywhere….so watch out.

Workout of the Day 03.29.16

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Every 2 mins for 16 mins perform: (8 sets)

Clean Complex  

Hang. Squat Clean + Front Squat + Split Jerk

-Start at 135/95# and add 5-10 lbs. per set-


4 min AMRAP

10 Pull Ups

100 M Run

-2 min rest- 

4 min AMRAP

12 DB Snatches Alt. (AHAP)

10 Alt. Pistols 

-2 min rest-

4 min AMRAP

8 Front Squats  115/85#

10 Box Jumps  24/20″

Workout of the Day 03.25.16

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Open Workout 16.5  

(repeat of 14.5)



Bar Facing Burpees

RX#-  95/65#

SCALED# -65/45#


*This is the last one guys!!! So come on in and we get in a good warm up and hit it hard. After the open is done we will start our new strength cycle & start focusing on improving on weaknesses that you may have found doing the open or have been struggling with for awhile!!!

Workout of the Day 03.24.16

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Open Prep Wk 5/ Day 4

-You will choose 1 of the 3 scenarios-

Active Recovery Day or Regular Training Day or 16.5 for the PM Class

Active Recovery Day:

3K flush row & 20 mins of mobility 

Regular Training Day:

#1. “Mini Murph”

4x    (19 min CAP)

400 m run 

10 HR Push Ups

20 Hallow Rocks

30 BW Squats

#2. Mobility with remaining time 

Doing 16.5 :

Only the PM class will be performing this workout and we will have a warm up set up for the movements and go through the WOD released. 


*Friday Night Lights will be held at Crossfit 5150 for the final WOD*

Starts at 5 pm

1480 E 28th St, Signal Hill, CA 90755




Workout of the Day 03.22.16

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Open Prep Wk 5/ Day 2 

Conditioning Day 

#1.  10 min EMOM

ODD:  12x Pull Ups

EVEN:  10x Thrusters  95/65#


#2.  8 min AMRAP

7 MU

14 Pistols Alt


#3.  3  RFT      (10 min CAP)

10 H. Power Cleans 115/85#

15 Box Jumps  24/20″

30 DU

– 32 MIN TOTAL- 

Workout of the Day 03.21.16

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Open Prep Wk 5/ Day 1

Strength Day

#1 10 mins to work up to a heavy Strict Press 


8 min EMOM of Strict Press @ final weight 3x

#2  3 unbroken sets of:

12x Shrugs w/ KB (AHAP)

15x DB Tri Ext (Heavy)

20x Rear Delt DB Fly Out 

#3 Core Work

2 Sets of:

200 m Single KB Farmer Carry 32/24 kg

25 Sit ups

25 Crunches 

Workout of the Day 03.17.16

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Open Prep Wk 4/ Day 4

Active Recovery Day

2k Row 

-3 min rest- 

800 m run


30 mins of mobility  ( if you want to get in a workout you can do a bodyweight WOD. Ex: “Annie” ,”Cindy” , Skinny “Nancy” w/ a naked BB, “Angie”…..

Alright , alright , alright …….its time for 16.4 to be announced and right now is about the time that you start wishing for the open to be done already haha . I know the last 3 weeks have been tough & challenging BUT we have also reached new limits. We have 2 more to go so lets focus and push as much as we can. These next two workouts will most likely be tough but remember a lot of the workout is the mental game.

Please take the time to focus on mobility and proper alignment. If something feels tight, a little off or has been aching a bit more than usual then you should focus on these areas. You can also look into todays ROMWOD and give that a try. Spend a solid 30 – 40 mins stretching, breaking down and moving through proper ROM of all major joints. Also take that time to focus and prepare your mental game for whatever may come your way. How will you go into the workout? What are your strategies? What will motivate you to keep pushing forward when your body wants so badly to stop? Think about these things. 16.3 obviously did us all in and you know the mind will tell you to stop. What will you do to flip that switch and focus on your goal and work at hand?

-Friday Night Lights will be Hosted for week 4 at Crossfit Modern- 

1180 N Studebaker Rd, Long Beach, CA 90815

Heats will begin at 5pm!!!!  B.Y.O.B and bring whoever you want. If you don’t want to workout you can just come and cheer on your fellow friends! See ya there…

-Primitive Team-