Hybrid Group Classes

“Hybrid group classes are a strength and conditioning program consisting mainly of aerobic exercise, calisthenics (body weight exercises), and Olympic weight lifting. ”

Olympic Lifting

“Olympic weightlifting, also called Olympic-style weightlifting, or weightlifting, is an athletic discipline in the modern Olympic program in which the athlete attempts a maximum-weight single lift of a barbell loaded with weight plates. The major lifts include Clean & Jerk and Snatch”

Power Lifting

“Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. As in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, it involves lifting weights in three attempts. Powerlifting evolved from a sport known as “odd lifts”, which followed the same three-attempt format but used a wider variety of events, akin to strongman competition. Eventually odd lifts became standardized to the current three.”


” Strongfit is a strength sport that consist of moving large, heavy and oddly shaped objects over a short span of time. Some of the movements you will use in Strongfit consist of stone lifts, sandbag carries or lifts, heavy farmer carries, axle bar lifts, prowler push & pull and tire flips.”

Endurance/Skill Training

“Incrementally changing the process, tools, materials, or environment of a given activity to increase or decrease performance demands gradually, and ultimately to ensure best performance.”

Certifications & Affiliates
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