The Primal Leaders

Victor Alfonso Carrillo

Owner/ Coach

Victor’s passion for fitness began at an early age in sports. He was always an active child growing up and did numerous sports, and activities as a child. He competed in tae kwon do, basketball, skateboarding, and soccer. He is an accomplished junior 1st-degree black belt and quit the sport soon after. He played basketball often but never on a team and preferred to play pick up games at local parks. Skateboarding became a passion but skateboarded more for leisure than the competition. Soccer is what changed his life. He fell in love with the sport and played it for many years from the age of 13 to present day. Unfortunately, he tore his A.C.L. and meniscus during a game so that led him to an extensive rehab program. It was during his year-long rehab process that he knew he wanted to pursue a career in learning about the human body. He wanted to prevent his situation from happening to other aspiring athletes so he decided to graduate from Cal State Long Beach with a degree in kinesiology with an option in exercise science. He also holds a certification in USAW Level 1. Victor understands that the fitness/health/medical field is always constantly evolving with new technology and new knowledge being discovered almost every day so he strives to build better athletes through the evolution of fitness.


Katrina Ashley Swindell


Kat hails from the great Inland Empire in SoCal where she was a former athlete & still very loyal member to Axiom Crossfit in Rancho Cucamonga. She has been an athlete most of her life competing in various sports such as soccer, softball, track & field and rodeo as a matter of fact!! Kat found CrossFit back in 2009 and has not looked back since. Her passion and desire for Olympic lifting led her to Axiom CrossFit where she dedicated almost all her time and energy to become a better athlete and go on to compete for Axiom in a variety of competitions. Since then Kat has only furthered her education and knowledge about fitness and nutrition. She acquired her USAW Level 1, CF-L1 , Rehab & Mobility and ACE certifications over the years along with a handful of nutrition classes and seminars. She used her passion for fitness to help touch many lives over the past 7 years through group fitness classes, Olympic lifting sessions, rehab & mobility clinics and private training for sport-specific needs.