The Primal Way


We believe everyone is given the opportunity to succeed in becoming a better version of you.  Here, at Primitive Athletics, we want to help you use the tools and knowledge you are given to their maximal potential. Like Tim Grover said, “A hammer can destroy or it can build; a knife in the wrong hands can kill you, but in a doctors hands it can heal you.  A wrench doesn’t do the job of a drill, it only does what a wrench is supposed to do.  You’re only as good as the tools you’ve chosen, and your ability to use them to their maximal potential.”

Coach for Life

We understand fitness can be challenging without the proper guidance and knowledge.  Some commonly asked questions are what am I supposed to eat, am I performing proper movement mechanics, or how do I improve my inflexibility/mobility? Here at Primitive Athletics we provide you with a professional coach for life to assist and guide you through your fitness, health, and athletic journey. Your professional coach for life will work with you from fundamentals through every stage of your personal development.


It is our belief and experience that you will develop, progress, and enjoy learning in a more intimate setting.  We run private or semi-private fundamentals to ensure that even the minor details are acknowledged and addressed by our dedicated professional coaches. Your professional coach for life will address your goals, strengths, injuries and limitations on a more appropriate level.   To sum it all up, in a private or semi-private setting our professional coaches are able to provide a fitness model that is more adequately structured around you and are able to provide a safer, and more effective transition into our group classes.

Group Fitness

We strive to provide a welcoming, empowering, and well organized group fitness setting. Upon graduation of fundamentals and receiving the approval from your professional coach, you will join and participate alongside our primal community.

Hybrid Memberships

Hybrid memberships are designed to complement your group fitness classes. You will meet with your coach for life periodically to review and measure your progress.  Meeting with your professional coach also allows you to continually structure new goals and avoid developing any plateaus or limitations in the near future.