Tribal Success Stories



“In the past 2 plus months I have been a member of Primitive Athletics. I have lost around 15lbs and went down almost 2 waist sizes. My conditioning has improved dramatically, and my strength has gone up considerably, as well. More than that, I have developed a priceless sense of teamwork and camaraderie among my fellow members who are there every step of the way encouraging, and supporting. Coach Kat and Coach Vic are brilliantly attentive, and at your side constantly offering their expert training wisdom. You could not ask for 2 more amazing, kind, and thorough people to assist you on your fitness journey. Primitive Athletics is much more than just “a Box” or a gym, it’s a community. a truly wonderful experience.”


-Mike Conlon from Silverlake, CA




“I approached Primitive Athletics because I wanted to increase my strength, speed, and endurance for soccer, as I am a high level soccer player about to play in college. Primitive Athletics helped me by providing me with extraordinary coaches, a great facility, and a positive, high-intensity environment filled with amazing people all looking to increase their fitness and live a healthy lifestyle. The results were even better than I expected. Primitive Athletics has made me twice the athlete I was when I came, developing all aspects of my fitness. Physically and mentally, I have acquired knowledge and become the athlete I want to be going into college. One thing I liked about Primitive Athletics was the coach’s mentality. Different from other CrossFit gyms, the coaches emphasize technique and your ability to move, rather than how much weight you are lifting. You are not being compared to the person next to you, you are doing what is comfortable for you, also decreasing the risk of injury. The family-like atmosphere is also unique to Primitive Athletics as every person you encounter at the gym is welcoming, has a great personality, and can’t wait to have you join them in class. I found the experience I had at Primitive Athletics to be applicable in all areas of my life as well as being able to use the mindset and work ethic I learned at the gym in school, soon to be college, and my future career. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone who is interested in fitness, and is looking to live a healthy lifestyle. It has become a very important part of my life, and believe I would not be the athlete or person I am today without it.”


-Emily Knous from Long Beach, CA




“Throughout most of my adult life, I had always wanted to get in shape and be healthy. But like many people, I struggled with sticking to my goals. Every year I was frustrated with unaccomplished fitness goals and unused gym memberships. I became what I never intended to be: overweight and in horrible shape, and I knew I had to somehow make some changes. Looking back, Saturday December 5,2015 was a pivotal day for me – it was the first day I decided to join a CrossFit gym/box on the recommendation of some friends. I stumbled across Primitive Athletics, and after an hour of talking with Coach Kat Swindell and Coach Vic Carrillo, I was blown away and excited about the opportunities – I jumped in with both feet. They took time in the first month to teach me proper techniques and what CrossFit and Primitive Athletics was truly about. And the welcoming style and encouragement by everyone there kept me motivated and focused. It was also a total lifestyle approach. With their support and teaching, I stuck with the intense workouts and meal plans. Over time, I realized that I had surpassed my goals. I could not believe that in less than a year, I’d lost 49 lbs (the healthy way) and lost 6 inches waist size. I feel so proud about the changes that I’ve made, and I can’t thank Primitive Athletics enough for helping me stay on my path to improvement!”


-Kevin Stegall from Lakewood, CA



“I used to wake up at times struggling just to get out of bed. I dreaded putting on my shoes for the simple fact that I would be out of breath just bending over to tie my shoelaces. I was 26 completely unhealthy and pushing 300lbs. I was slowly not being able to fit into my clothes. It became more difficult to find XXL clothes to wear. I kept telling myself “I will start my diet tomorrow or Monday” and “okay this new years I will make a change and get back in shape” but I wouldn’t fall through. It even started to worry my mother and father about how unhealthy my weight grew to be. Victor and Katrina approached me; they said they were opening a gym and if I wanted to join and they would help me change my lifestyle. This was my chance to actually follow through with everything I have been meaning to change. It was a completely different change in my life but I was grateful to have both Victor and Kat help me through everything and with any questions I had. I have been consistent with my training for almost a year now and I have noticed it in every aspect of my life; my clothes fit well, I don’t get out of breath as easily, everyone tells me I look much slimmer and over all I feel healthy and comfortable in my skin. I know I still have more to go in terms of changes in my life but I am glad that I have Kat, Victor and everything at my Primitive Family to help me along the way.”


-Adrian Reyes from Long Beach, CA


“As I approach this Holiday season, there is so much in my life to be thankful for. One of the best presents in which I have given myself this past year is the gift of health. Two years ago I began my road to a healthier lifestyle working out with Victor and Kat at another gym. When they decided to open up their own business, Primitive Athletics, I was one of the first people to sign up! I was sold on them both as trainers, so it was only natural for me to follow them to their gym. My journey at Primitive Athletics began with Kat right by my side. Kat is the very best trainer that I have ever worked with, and I have worked with others who do not have the skills and motivation that Kat brings to her clients. Working with Kat is no walk in the park, but she takes her time to ensure proper movement and technique to gain fitness results. She has an energetic personality which becomes infectious during the workout. Most importantly, I have Kat to be forever grateful to for giving me the gift of health and giving me my body back. Before I began training with Kat, I was what you would call “skinny fat”. With Kat, together, she helped me to design an eating plan along with a workout regimen to provide me with the opportunity to gain muscle and as a result I have become stronger and leaner. Once again my clothes fit me right and I have confidence in my body wear something revealing or take off my cover up at the beach. This I owe to Kat and the work that I have put it while training at Primitive Athletics!”

Laura Sanzaro from Rossmoor, CA