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Building Better Athletes Through The Evolution of Fitness.


Established in 2015, Primitive Athletics Strength & Conditioning was founded under the idea that knowledge is power and an awesome community is a key ingredient to a better version of you. We wanted to provide a new way to help each and every person become more educated in how to live a better lifestyle, move more efficiently and establish a well-grounded relationship with they’re professional coach.

We believe that the evolution of fitness has gone through many changes these past generations. Beginning with the Olympics in Athens, to the rise of popular competitions such as the FIFA World Cup, NFL Super Bowl, and the NBA Finals, to the modern types of training such as functional fitness, cross-training, boot camps and body building. they’re is a great demand for knowledge, training, and practice in becoming a better athlete or healthier version of you. 

Primal Coaches

Learn About Our Coaches

Meet our Primal Leaders. They are skilled instructors that will help you reach all your goals throughout your fitness journey.


Athlete Spotlight

We take pride in coaching our Primal Athletes and showcasing their dedication. Meet some of our athletes who currently train with our Primal Coaches to reach their personal goals. 

Brianna Do

Pro LPGA Golfer

Become Part Of Our Community

If you are a fitness enthusiast, aspiring athlete, or someone who is looking to make a change with their unhealthy habits, Primitive Athletics offers you the opportunity to part of a supportive community based around health and fitness. We take pride in educating all of our clients; by giving them the proper knowledge and tools, they become another credible source that others may rely on for basic health and fitness guidance.
Primitive Athletics puts a priority on meeting all of our client’s needs and welcomes them from the first time they step foot into our doors. We start by taking a detailed fitness assessment that outlines the foundation and requirements that fit each individual. From this step forward, our staff is held accountable in helping you see progress to a new and better version of yourself.
Creating an educated, successful, and supportive community is our priority and if you feel like this is something you are missing in your life we would love to have you become part of the Primitive family.


Our program is for everyone.

“Enjoy the personal attention and goal setting. Helping me lose weight and getting healthier. “

Steve Walleman

“I love coming into the gym! Kat and Vic are great knowledgeable trainers that are super friendly and motivational! The vibes are great here and all of the members are welcoming and make sure you don’t feel like an outsider from the first day I felt at home! “

Bryan Orta

“Primitive Athletics is AMAZING! Primitive is not like every other gym, and I’ve been to my fair share. It doesn’t matter if your’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced;the coaches take the time to teach proper technique, which is remarkable”

Laura Cadranel