Bryan Orta

“Coach Victor helped me get back on the soccer fields. He also helped me during a time when I was depressed and needed someone to confide in. He understood what I was going through but and pushed me to become the best version of myself; he helped me get my second chance at playing.”

Bryan is a Semi-Professional Soccer player with aspirations of playing professionally. Bryan competed in Division 1 NCAA soccer until he sustained a Meniscus and an ACL tear. Before his injury, he believed that as a soccer player weight training would slow him down, so focused mostly on cardio. After his surgery, Bryan spent the next year and a half rehabbing his knee.  During this time Bryan had gained a significant amount of weight and was not in “soccer” shape. He wanted to return to the sport he loved and found Coach Vic. Bryan joined Primitive Athletics hoping to gain full strength and mobility in his knee. After training with Coach Vic for two months and sticking to a pre-set meal plan, he lost 35 pounds.

Professional Soccer Player

Current Organization:
FCA Darmstadt