First Day

What To Expect

First Day with the Primitive Tribe:

Congratulations! You’ve already gotten past the hardest part, making the conscious decision to BEGIN.

To help you better prepare for your Primal journey, here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Create an account on our member’s login page 
  2. Book your appointment with one of our primal leaders, they are all very friendly so no need to be shy.

Primal Basics

Next, let’s make sure you has all teh proper essentials for your big day:

  1. Wear light, comfy, moisture-wicking attire that you can move easily in. We do get sweaty so pack an extra shirt or jacket just in case. 


  2. Make sure that you have eaten enough prior to your visit or have had a small snack at least 90 – 60 mins before your workout. 


  3. We also suggest that you drink plenty of water before training and bring a personal water bottle so that you can stay hydrated during your workout and after. 

    Primal Maintenance

    The best way to remain successful on your journey is to stay structured and plan ahead. We’ve made the easy part. You can access your client account anytime from our webpage or on our Primitive Athletics app (Apple or Android). Simply log in with your email and password that you made from day one and you can easily log into your classes, see your upcoming appointments, view the schedule and update your account details. Easily integrate your health and fitness routine into you daily life. The hardest part will be putting on those extra tight leggings.

      Primal Way

      The best way to stay healthy and motivated is to surround yourself with a strong, healthy, and like-minded community. At Primitive we pride ourselves in maintaining a very upbeat, positive, and supportive tribe. Everyone feels part of the community and we are constantly encouraged to uplift each other. Anyone is welcome to join us, and we accommodate everyone according to their needs or wants. All of our programs are suitable and adaptable to every fitness level. Just make sure you have clearance from your primary doctor to begin fitness regimens, if needed.