Gym Rules

Primitive Athletics Gym Rules

We Love Our Gym!
Here Are The Rules So We All Do.

1. Arrive Early

Help maintain the class schedule running smooth and efficient for your primal leaders (coaches) and primitive peers (members) by arriving early.  If you are late there will be a three burpee penalty handed out for every minute you are late.

2. Don’t be shy! Be Social. 

When you make eye contact with someone say “hi.”  Allow your primitive peers (members) to get to no you by introducing you’reself.  Help create a welcoming community.

3. Check your ego at the door

Be coachable.  Don’t cheat yourself of the opportunity to learn or be taught something new.

4. Don’t be impatient.

Learning is a process that takes time and experience.  Impatience can lead to injuries and poor habits. Slow down and ask questions. “Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast”

5. Encourage others, don’t coach others.

Help motivate and push your primitive peers (members) through workouts but refrain from coaching.  Leave the coaching to be done by our primal leaders (coaches).

6. Wipe down your equipment. 

Clean up any sweat, blood, chalk, dirt, vomit, or handprints (as cool as they may look) you created.

7. Put away your equipment.

If you leave out equipment there will be a burpee penalty equivalent to the total amount of weight left out.

8. Refrain from dropping weights.

Refrain from dropping any empty barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells. Take care of our toys and rubber flooring.

9. Chalk! Chalk!  Chalk!

Everyone loves chalk and it is very useful, even necessary.  However, as needed as it may be it is also extremely messy. Please be courteous and fight the urge to use more then you need.

The Kid’s Room

The Kid’s Room Rules

  1. No food allowed. Parents, we understand your kids get hungry but please refrain from bringing food for your kids because the crumbs attract ants. We encourage you to bring toy’s instead for your kid’s pleasure/entertainment.
  2. Parents, please clean up any mess created by your little ones. Be courteous to other primitive members and their little ones by maintaining a clean and organized kid’s room.
  3. No fighting.  We understand that kids might not get along sometimes and that is okay.  Parents, we ask you to address the issue immediately before it becomes a distraction to the ongoing class.
  4. No messy liquids allowed. Water only.  Juices and sodas can create a sticky mess when in the hands of children.