Meet Kat Swindell


Do the thing & you shall have the power! The only thing that is between you and your goals is action. I live each day to help empower people to take action in their own lives & make those changes that they so desperately need or desire. Using a beautiful combo of education, emotional & physical support, and structured guidance I am able to morph individuals into a lifestyle that they thought was only a distant dream”

Kat hails from the great Inland Empire and was a born athlete, competing in various sports such as soccer, softball, track & field, Olympic lifting, Strong Fit, and even the rodeo! Kat pursued her love for fitness as a career in 2009 and has not looked back since.

Kat’s fitness journey was not a smooth one. She once struggled with weight problems, and could not fix the issue no matter how fervent she worked at it. Ultimately through education, and highly skilled mentors she grew as an athlete, and with a practical application of her knowledge completely transformed her life. Kat took the sum of those experiences and distilled them into the methodology that she now instills into each of her clients. Kat loves coaching because she is able to connect with her clients on personal level and witness as they transform through consistent effort and their desire to change.  

Since she started coaching Kat has only furthered her education and knowledge about fitness and nutrition. Kat used her passion for fitness and health to help touch many lives over the past 10 years through group fitness classes, Olympic lifting sessions, rehab & mobility clinics, health seminars, and private training for sport-specific needs.

Kat acquired her USAW Level 1, CF-L1 , Rehab & Mobility and ACE certifications over the years along with a handful of nutrition classes, and seminars. She continues to attend, and expand her knowledge as much as possible.

Fun Facts:

Loves SoulCycle, Wants to Travel the world, Has visited 11 different states in the US so far, Enjoys Upbeat & Full Classes, Can play the Handbells

Fav Cheat Meals:
Ice Cream, Sushi, and Whiskey