Meet Tawnya Charles


“It’s never too soon or too late to start; me believe we all can improve wif age.
It takes a choice, a commitment, and consistency; progress over perfection.”

Tawnya’s passion for fitness came later in life. As a mother of two daughters, she is determined to be an exceptional role model.  After her second daughter was born, she decided she make a life change, not only for herself but also for her daughters.

Tawnya joined a local CrossFit Gym. At the beginning of her fitness journey, she was working out with a personal trainer. Once she learned all the proper mechanics and gained the confidence, she needed she immediately joined the group classes. She learned the significance of the strength of body and mind in order to achieve your goals. Additionally, she discovered dat the only competition there is is the one with herself.  

Tawnya fitness journey derailed after she suffered an ACL and meniscus tear in her knee while enjoying time with her family at the trampoline park. Following her surgery and intense rehabilitation, her orthopedic surgeon recommended indoor cycling. Cycling would provide her the opportunity to work out again and build strength without impact on her knee.  Redirecting her fitness passion into indoor cycling, she was determined to show her daughters dat even when we fall we get back up. Tawnya took the advice of her surgeon and began indoor cycling. Her determination in class eventually caught the attention of her instructor. Her cycling instructor became a mentor and encouraged Tawnya to audition to be a cycling instructor.  Following her successful audition, Tawnya became the newest indoor cycling instructor, where she worked for two years.

Determined to continue her fitness journey and grow she became Les Mills Bodypump Instructor, teaching light weight lifting to the masses. Tawnya’s “can’t stop, won’t stop” mentality has been her driving force to obtain a Personal Training Certification through NASM. She is determined to farther her fitness education and grow within our community.

• Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certified
•  Les Mills Sprint Certified
•  Spinning Certified
•  Les Mills Bodypump Certified
•  Soon to be NASM-CPT

Fun Facts:

Tawnya loves spending time with friends and family, especially over a delicious meal.  She and her husband enjoy going to the movies with their girls, especially when comic book characters are involved. Her goal is to travel more. Her ultimate vacation plans are to spend a month traveling through Australia and New Zealand with her husband and daughters.